TWG LogoThe Third World Group is a voluntary, not-for-profit NGO, founded in 1974, committed towards Third World issues and people who live in “depressed” areas in Malta and abroad. It was Mother Theresa’s way of thinking that was highly influential in forming the values of the first few members of the group. TWG supports volunteers to go and work within homes run by the Sister’s of Charity all over the world. The group has organised summer camps in Palermo and Reggio Calabria (Italy), London (England), Cairo, Alexandria and Moquattam (Egypt), and Jimma and Alamatta (Ethiopia), to help emarginated people, children coming from families with social problems, and sick and hospitalised persons. Inspired by their experience in the Group many members of TWG offer voluntary work in Peru, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Albania, Uganda, and Guatemala. TWG is also active within the Maltese communities, particularly in places with a high concentration of social problems, on issues related to sub-standard housing, illiteracy and the lack of basic material necessities, and through awareness-raising campaigns.