Our Valuable Team Members

Darren Formosa
Darren FormosaChairperson
Darren Formosa is a recent member on the SKOP Board of Directors, a position he has held since August 2017. He is a project manager for one of SKOP’s partners, the St Jeanne Antide Foundation, a role he fills on a voluntary basis in which he has been managing Overseas Development Assistance projects since 2014. Darren has written and managed projects for Pakistan, Malawi, and Bouar, Central African Republic, including those focused on the installation of a photovoltaic panelling, the construction of a water borehole, and the empowerment of vulnerable widowed women trough training and farming.

Darren has worked with St Jeanne Antide Foundation on the setting up of the President’s Trust Y- Assist initiative, a partnership initiative that provides assisted accommodation to vulnerable young mothers. Darren was involved in the policy making and the setting up of the first assisted accommodation.

Darren holds an MBA (Finance) from Leicester University. He is an IT Consultant by profession and has volunteered on IT projects for Dar Tal Providenza and Puttinu Cares. In 2013 Darren took part in a five-week cultural immersion experience in Youhanabad, Pakistan where he headed a project of installing computers in an MSSP school for children and started off the first lessons on IT. Darren also helped the Medical Mission Sisters in the region in providing medical assistance in isolated communities in the area.

Christina Lejman
Christina LejmanBoard Member
Christina Lejman, born and brought up in Malta, has spent the past 8 years working in International Development and Humanitarian Relief. From migration issues and human rights, to public health and poverty reduction, Christina has always had a passion for facilitating the creation and management of programs with a not-for-profit goal. Having worked in South East Asia, the UK, Bangladesh and Madagascar, Christina has returned to Malta to work with local and international organizations on the island. Working with SKOP on their Board of Directors, Christina hopes to provide institutional support as well as a development capacity in the fields of migration and overseas development.
Jennifer Laws
Jennifer LawsBoard Member
Jennifer has been involved in refugee and migration issues since 2012, working in UK-based organisations focused on advocacy, prevention of destitution, and voluntary development. She holds an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, and in 2016 moved to Malta to work for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station in programme support, communications and fundraising. Jennifer also volunteers with the Arnaud Guesry Foundation, a member of the SKOP platform. She is a member of the DEAR Working Group and is passionate about supporting and facilitating the work of NGOs on the island.
Maria Zahra
Maria ZahraBoard Member
Maria is an ACCA qualified Certified Public Accountant with a background in the telecommunications industry after having worked in the sector since the year 2000. She has previously served as the SKOP Finance Manager and now brings her experience to the Board of Directors. She has an interest in alternative learning methods for children being a mother of two boys herself. Her pastime is reading on her favourite topics: developing countries, science, and technology.