The Development Education and Awareness Raising Working Group (DEAR WG) was set up in April 2014.

The working group brought together stakeholders from NGOs, academia, and the education sector amongst others. The membership is open to anyone interested and working in the field

The initial aims of this working group will be:


  • To embed development education and awareness raising in relevant national and EU policies, and in formal, non-formal and informal education systems;
  • To facilitate encourage and support the member organizations in undertaking development education and awareness-raising activities in a coherent and coordinated way;
  • To contribute to the improvement of the capacity of teachers and trainers delivering development education and strengthen the link with education for sustainable development;
  • To increase the involvement of the Maltese government in Development Education and Awareness Raising in Malta;
  • To enhance SKOP member’s engagement in development education;
  • To encourage the participation of civil society and ensure that their perspectives are considered in every stage of policy development, programming and evaluation processes, and that there are structured and transparent mechanisms for effective dialogue between NGOs and public institutions;
  • Contribute to global (pan-European) DEAR advocacy and lobbying;
  • Lead on strategic DEAR planning, lobbying, media and campaigns activities;
  • Develop a clear yearly advocacy strategy for DEAR in consultation with DEAR network members and in line with the overall DEAR EU Strategy
  • To provide valid inputs to contribute on the implementation of the beyond 2015 process;
  • Represent DEAR WG at national, regional and international events.